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Living Amazing

Rob Dyrdek is a renowned storyteller, systematic entrepreneur, venture capitalist, pop-culture personality, ex-professional athlete, retired stuntman, brand ambassador, and groundbreaking media empresario all wrapped into one.

If you had to put one label on’s simple; he’s a Pureblood Do‑or‑Dier. He is the embodiment of having the fortitude, work ethic, grit, and determination to turn passions into reality. Although he may wear many hats, it all comes back to a simple system—he sees it, believes it, plans it, and then does it. The Dyrdek Reserve and the Dyrdek Machine were born from this obsession and aim to deliver on Rob’s life mission.

Rob Dyrdek is compelled beyond reason to live the most amazing life possible and help others do the same. His passionate commitment to Living Amazing involves curating the right ideas and the right Do‑or‑Diers, helping them put all the right pieces together, and then watching dreams come alive.

The Focus Moving Forward

Rob is devoted to helping those who have the fortitude, work ethic, grit, and determination to manifest ideas into amazing realities. He refers to those who share his core mentality and inspire him endlessly as Do‑or‑Diers.

Do‑or‑Diers tend to move so fast and are so driven and focused on execution that they can fail to see the larger picture. As a pure-blood Do‑or‑Dier, Rob understands their struggles and wants to help them bring their big ideas to life.

The DNA of Do‑Or‑Diers

Do‑or‑Diers are easy to spot and instantly recognizable because every Do‑or‑Dier shares ten core values. These principles are deeply entrenched in their DNA:

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